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How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water: Circumstances, Causes, And Effects

Talking about our furry woofing friend, of course, there are a lot of things to consider about. From how to take care, let them be happy and healthy, to fulfilling all the basic needs of your pup. Food and drink are the most basic needs. Thus, you should know how long can a dog go without water to make them keep on hydrated. At the same time, this is some info you should consider to know about the circumstances, causes and effects of this particular condition. 


How long can a dog go without water
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Dog Can Safely Go Without Water For 3 Days

In many cases, 3 days is the most or the maximum time a dog can safely go without water. Even surviving for three days is already pushing it. However, there is a time when a dog can survive for the fourth day. But in case you find this happened to your pup, then you should consider bringing it to the vet for medical attention. Why? Because your dog will be in pretty poor condition. Thus, medical intervention is needed to prevent long term damage to its body.

It can be said the answer to 'how long can a dog go without water' is 3-4 days, but there is no definite answer to it. The duration can be different on each dog because it depends on the dog's size, how much it active or exercising, the health condition, type of food and the temperature. If the weather is hot, the time will be shorter and they will need lots of drinks. While if your pup prefers eating wet food, that may help prolong the length of time just a little.

Indication Of Dogs Being Dehydrated As A Cause Of A Lack Of Water

What will happen if your pup unable to drink for days? Dehydrated and worst-case condition is the long term body damage that can lead to death. Just like humans, we need food and drink to keep sane, energetic and lively. It also happens to your beloved furry pets. So, how long can a dog go without water before they dehydrate? Don't wait till they are dehydrated. There are some signs that you should be aware to indicate if your dog is dehydrated.

Some easy to spot signs are losing appetite and lethargy. Yours suppose to be happy go lucky pup, may suddenly feel so sullen and not eating that much. You can also check if its nose and gums are dry, have excessive breathing along with sunken eyes, and rough skin or low skin elasticity. Give them water or diluted Pedialyte, with 50:50 portion immediately. You can also give a chicken broth. But if the dog in severe condition, then bring it to the vet.

The Amount Of Water Dogs Should Drink

If you are asking about the amount, then the answer will be the same. Just as the answer to the previous "how long can a dog go without water "question, the answer is varying. Some experts say, at least the pup should drink 1 ounce of water for every pound they weigh as the bare minimum amount. For example, if your dog weighs about 50-pounds. That means, at least your pup should drink water with the amount of 50 ounces water a day.

Taking Care Of Your Pup When Sick Or After Surgery

At the same time, your buddy condition also affects the amount of drink it needs. A sick dog with vomiting or diarrhea, better kept inside (indoor) and provided with liquids within 16 to 20 hours. It also happens to the after surgery type of situation. They may not want to eat or drink, but keep on offering waters without forcing them. In this case, the "how long can a dog go without water" will be vital knowledge. If in 24 hours your dog won't drink, then contact your vet. 

Those are some information you should know to prevent your dogs from dehydration and sickness. While the amount of time of how long your dog will be okay without water is vary, generally they can go for 3 days. They can survive for the fourth day, but they will need medical attention. At the same time, the water amount needed will be different in certain circumstances. Thus, you should pay attention and be thorough at taking care of your pup's health.

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