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Things You Should Be Aware Of How Long Can A Dog Go Without Eating

You Should Be Aware Of How Long Can A Dog Go Without Eating - Just like you or any other living things, your dog pets will need food to survive. Without it, your beloved furry friend will get sick and the worst case is dying. To avoid it, you need to provide an adequate and balanced diet to make them healthy, strong, and happy. In any case, you need to know about how long can a dog go without eating. Regarding that, this is some information you should know and be aware of to avoid the worst-case scenario. 

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Eating
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 Your Dog Can Survive For 4 – 5 Days

There are things you should consider. The health condition, water consumption, fats, the dog itself, etc. Most likely, a healthy dog will survive up to five days without eating. They can even stay for seven days without food. However, the number only works depending on the weight, fats, and if your pet still drinking plenty of water. Even though it means they can survive a quite long time, but it doesn't mean you should let a thing get that far.

Then how about the unhealthy or sickly dog? how long can a dog go without eating? Think about it, if the healthy doggo can survive for 5 days that means unhealthy ones will be lesser than that. The most will be okay and still going for three days, but will less without water. Even if they can survive after five days, most likely the health conditions will be worse.

Causes Of Losing Appetite

When you are asking about why your doggy doesn't want to eat, then you should imagine yourself who lose appetite. At what point you lose it? probably the answer will be, when you are sick, stressed, having problems, etc. Surprisingly, it also applies to your pup. It caused because of a medical condition such as infection, allergies, upset stomach, etc. It can also happen because of mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.

So how long can a dog go without eating if that happens? Again, there is no definite answer to this question. Every health or mental condition will need different treatment and intake. That means, better care and following prescription from a doctor may able to let your pup live longer. You can always stay and spend more time with them, more socializing or giving them some personal space to help ease down your doggo anxiety or depression.

It is also worth noting that dogs have personality. In some cases, the problem of losing appetite appears because the dog is a picky eater. Cats have a reputation for this trait, but it is also appearing on pups. To answer the question of how long can a dog go without eating? And what to do? Be patient, patience and give what they like. You will eventually win this fight. But in case they still won't eat for days, then ask your Vet. 

What To Do And What To Give

Whatever the cause your pup won't eat, you should keep on providing food and water. In some cases, such as after surgery or sickness you should be patient and keep offering food and water. If you could not find the reason, consider contacting your vet to get the root of the problems. The experts will be able to diagnose and find out the reason for the issues. Thus, later on, make your dog healthy, cheerful and happy just like usual again.

At the same time, your "how long can a dog go without eating" can be answered by the professional. Don't be afraid and ask what you want to know about your pup. Especially, if your dog hasn't been eating for days. Get more info on what to do, what to give, and how to prevent the same thing happen in the future. You can also improve and maintain your pet's condition by regularly visiting the pet hospital.

That is all you should know about this condition. Most of the time, the question of how long your pup will survive without food comes from sick or unhealthy dog condition. Losing appetite can happen when dogs in several conditions, from physical sickness, mental to anxiety. Whatever the condition is, your dog needs food. They can go up for five days only if they have enough water. If this case happens to your dogs, it is better to contact your Vet.

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